In dire need of pain relief but without the side effects of painkillers

Severe hip osteoarthritis-Photobiomodulation Studio.jpg

Suffering terribly from severe osteoarthritis in both hips and lower back, Vic Harper was in dire need of pain relief without having to take even more drugs – thankfully he found Rupert, with his tremendous knowledge and his Photobiomodulation Studio.

“A heartfelt, thank you Rupert, for your immense warmth, kindness and professionalism throughout my treatment. You were just great. The best testimonial I can give is to say I can't wait to come back for even more sessions.”

The medics just wanted to keep pumping Vic with ever stronger (so-called) painkillers – which come with all their attendant, dangerous side-effects. He desperately needed an alternative.

Despite living all the way up in the West Midlands and Rupert being down here in Henley-on-Thames, the trip down was worth it every time for Vic. He says, “His studio is nothing short of a wonderfully peaceful haven of healing. Rupert pinpointed the problem area and talked me through my body’s workings (or failings).”

Vic felt different after each session and at times was almost pain-free. “It felt marvellous, plus I had an overall feeling of renewed wellbeing and my spirits were lifted too. I had an ever-increasing positivity and looked forward to every session. The period of treatment gave me renewed strength and determination.”

He is presently awaiting his first hip surgery using a new minimally invasive procedure. This means he will be able to drive down to Rupert shortly afterwards for a further 10 sessions. This will speed up the healing process and reduce scar tissue. Then he will be back yet again for more after his second hip surgery!