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Rupert has been an absolute godsend in my treatment and recovery

I was fortunate enough to meet Rupert at a point when I had exhausted what I thought were all avenues of treatment for a frozen shoulder.

I was in extreme pain all of the time, unable to sleep sufficiently, and had very restricted movement. I had seen a whole range of practitioners, desperate to get help in managing my symptoms and ‘do the right thing’ towards my recovery, but with little success.

Then I met Rupert. He has been an absolute godsend in my treatment and recovery. The low-level light laser (photobiomodulation) treatment he uses not only helped to relieve pain during treatment, but allowed him to get my joints moving again.

Rupert is experienced and personable, easy to talk to and reliable and I would highly recommend him.

Emma Newman

I am really enjoying a new range of flexibility

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Whilst hobbling down the tow path, with a walking stick again – my right knee and leg not taking any body weight – I had the great fortune to bump into Rupert.

As our similar chocolate dogs ‘sniffed’, he suggested the issue most probably was not my knee but more likely to emanate from the spine; he guessed as much from having seen me scull recently with his wife, Victoria.

So it was that I was persuaded to attend The Photobiomodulation Studio which Rupert established in 2016. It was after subsequent visits to his Henley home and ‘body repair facility’ that he very diligently examined my spine and limbs using a probe for measuring skin conduction. The highest reading issued from my lower neck which he suspected was the underlying chronic problem because of a fall from a horse some 28 years earlier. I remember landing on my left side, twisting the body before hitting the ground, and breaking some bones in my spine, which were fixed after wearing an upper body plaster cast for two months.

Over a course (10 sessions) of photobiomodulation treatment – his magical ‘red light therapy’ – Rupert patiently eased my spine, improving spinal function throughout, especially the neck.

I am so extra happy that this was all achieved without pain killers, steroids or in fact any oral medication.

Thank you, Rupert, for the restoration work on my body, I am really enjoying a new range of flexibility – not to mention my stronger and aligned right leg, so more efficient rowing!

Ann Tully

I began to suffer from severe migraines and the GP said there was no cure…


When I turned 40 I started to suffer from severe migraines. I had never had them before and although initially they came monthly, they began to happen at any given moment. I could do nothing but go to bed, sometimes for up to 24 hours, and with a young family and business to run I was at my wits end.

I went to the GP and was told that it was my age. Hormonal changes were given as the cause and the treatment was strong pain killers with unpleasant side effects. I felt depressed that there wasn’t any cure and also I didn’t want to take strong medication.

Thankfully I had a fabulous nutritional therapist, Julia Charles at Nutrition for Now. She suggested that there was likely to be a reason for suddenly getting migraines and suffering them long term shouldn’t be an option.

She set about her work and in the meantime one of my clients mentioned Photobiomodulation Therapy. She told me that a lovely chap called Rupert provided treatment in his back garden studio right here in Henley-on-Thames.

Intrigued, sceptical and keen to give anything a try I went along for a 10 week course. Rupert administered the THOR laser probe to my sinus area where the migraines were most severe. I also used his amazing NovoTHOR Whole Body Light Pod.

With my changed diet and Photobiomodulation Therapy I managed two months without migraines – although I still got the odd headache. Then, just before my last two treatments, I had the worst migrane ever; I felt very disheartened. However both my therapists were keen to point out that there was no such thing as an overnight fix; alternative therapies needed time and patience!

I finished my course with Rupert and the very next day I felt terrible. I couldn't believe it, I thought I had flu! Things went from bad to worse; finally I was diagnosed with full-blown glandular fever. It was highly unpleasant and I felt gutted about my health in general.

Then at a scheduled meeting Julia explained that this was a very positive result!

She went on to explain that viruses can linger in the system for lengthy amounts of time and sometimes they need to be spurred on to work their way out of the body. She believed that along with her treatment and Photobiomodulation Therapy the virus had probably been brought to the fore. With careful supplements I was back on my feet superfast and with no long-lasting lethargy. 

I contacted Rupert to let him know the good news and the amazing result – since the virus I have had no headaches and no migraines, having previously suffered them for three years.

Both therapists are amazing and the combined approach has worked for me. The road to recovery does take time but I would rather that than still be relying on heavy duty pain killers, with no explanation for the cause of my migraines.

Emma Wildgoose
Eat Real Food

I am now running better than ever before!

Rupert offers an incredible service and his knowledge of the body, the way it moves and works, is absolutely astounding.

I arrived with a back injury, unable to bend, sit or stand still but within 10 weeks I was repaired and able to function correctly. With some regular follow-up treatments I am now standing, walking and running better than ever before!

The gentle and professional approach adopted by Rupert using Photobiomodulation Therapy is great and I can’t recommend him highly enough. 

Jessica Brooker
Director of Hockey at Bradfield College

Exercise and photobiomodulation – an effective combination 

I am now walking correctly and well on my way to full recovery.

I met Rupert along a towpath one day whilst walking the dog, three months after having a hip replacement.

This kind, gentle man, couldn’t help but notice I was limping. His passion, knowledge and innate desire to help people just took over. This lovely stranger took me under his wing and introduced me to Photobiomodulation. Along with some exercise sessions and light I am now walking correctly and well on my way to full recovery.

I also introduced my wife to Rupert’s centre; we feel so fortunate to have met him and in our home town of Henley too!

Thank you Rupert Molloy (oh and his lovely wife Victoria is just fab too).

Chris Stafford-Darrall

Hazel’s dog Beau, friend of Rupert’s dog Buster

Hazel’s dog Beau, friend of Rupert’s dog Buster

I will walk tall again

I wanted to thank you for not only your pure genius, but your utmost professionalism during my treatments. And this despite the constant distraction of my dog Beau playing with your dog Buster in the pretty cottage garden.

Gone are all the stuffy office formalities when I visit your most charming treatment studio in the heart of Henley-on-Thames – whilst partaking in state-of-the-art treatment. It’s unlike any I have tried before and I have tried many over the years.

Your devotion to helping people comes across at every photobiomodulation treatment. You truly have a calling. You have promised me that I will walk tall again and at my current height of five feet and two inches, I can hardly wait.

I am so glad to have found you.

Hazel Stafford-Darrall

Marked improvement with scar and swelling

I came to Rupert for Photobiomodulation Therapy on my hand following an operation.

The treatment took place over three weeks and I had five sessions. There was a marked improvement with the scar and swelling, together with a reduction in the numbness in some of my fingers.

I am very pleased with the result.

Pat Austin
High Wycombe

I feel so much better, not only in the aches and pain department, but generally

After listening to Rupert extolling the virtues of Photobiomodulation Therapy I decided to give it a go.

The science seemed to add up but I was keen to see if it actually worked. Rupert checked my body alignment and asked if I had any niggles. I mentioned my lower back, left knee and neck ache – in two minutes he had diagnosed an issue with my neck muscles – probably caused by an injury sustained as a teenager.

He applied some focussed massage and then let the Photobiomodulation device loose on me. I now feel so much better, not only in the aches and pain department, but generally.

Rupert has a deep knowledge of the body gained over 40 years of working in this sector. Together with Photobiomodulation Therapy they make for a powerful healing combination! I highly recommend him.

Barry John Tindall

Thank you for sorting my shoulder out in so short a time

I have always been sceptical about what I deem to be alternative therapies. However, having experienced your work first hand, I can honestly say that I am firmly sold on what you do.

My shoulder pain (which was almost constant) and limited mobility were starting to become a real issue for me.

I now have full mobility and am completely pain free. For anyone who has any form of aches and pains or those who are recovering from injury, I can thoroughly recommend Rupert as part of your treatment.

He was able to work out what the problem was and deal with it quickly. My shoulder has now returned to normal in a couple of weeks having had months of pain and problems.

Marc Rocker


I feel energised and sleep better too

My work is not only physical but emotional too; I deal with the needs of my clients and my own exacting standards. Feeling exhausted I happened to come across Rupert Molloy and his Photobiomodulation Studio in Henley-on-Thames.

Rupert clearly explained how Photobiomodulation Therapy works and after my first 15-minute session in the Light Pod I felt so much more relaxed and yet energised too. On returning to work I felt calm and restored, more like my normal self.

With a weekly session in the Light Pod I am also sleeping better; it’s ‘me time’ and improves my work/life balance. I recommend it without hesitation.

Becca Jones
Henley Decorators