A misjudgement in youth needn’t mean pain when you’re older

Youth, speed and noise are synonymous with motorbikes as I experienced crossing the road with Buster today, who fortunately didn’t flinch, unlike his master!

At age 19 I misjudged my speed on entering a roundabout. The next few moments dominated my life for the next 10 years: three hip operations over three consecutive years; pinned, plated & plastered; daily remedial exercises and chiropractic care.

I was already in the second year of chiropractic college. However I graduated three years later and returned to a full and active life including my passion for skiing.

My hip complains after 40 years

40 years on the murmurings of older folk come to mind as I experience some pain in the offended hip. Perhaps it’s time for a replacement?

But common sense comes to the rescue. When treating a patient with post-operative hip pain I realise that the onset of my hip pain followed a winter holiday with my children – skiing repeatedly in deep powder snow on a short steep run. Of course the surgery has left some impressive scars that any pirate would be proud of and scar tissue by its very nature is tough and gristly. So the explosive effort required for powder skiing tested it to new limits with the resultant pains.

Physician heal yourself

Well: ‘Physician heal yourself’ and so I did using Photobiomodulation (it used to be called Low Level Laser Therapy). Having put up with it for a number of years I am now relieved of the pain!

The questions comes begging: ‘How many of us put up with pain because we know someone who had the same experience and they, like us, are still in pain after all these years? Or ‘I’ve reached a certain age and it’s too late to be pain free?’

The answer is never give up because pain will effect function – in my case create a limp – and left to its own devices, over time, change the structure of the joint.

So when told it’s your age one doesn't have to act it or believe it (unless the situation has been left too long). Pain is normal – a healthy response to distress – so think about what might have caused it and get good advice…