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Reduces the visible effects of ageing

The skin is exposed to light more than any other organ and starts to show its age from about our late twenties, although for some lucky individuals the effects might not be visible until they are nearer thirty

Collagen, the ‘glue’ between cells, provides the skin with elasticity. However as we get older collagen production slows

Photobiomodulation Therapy has an excellent effect on the production of collagen, improving the visible effects of aging such as wrinkles and crow’s feet (rhytides), to restore glowing, healthy-looking skin. It also improves the microcirculation through the skin

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Effective treatment

A study (see below) indicates that a programme of eight treatments over four weeks, brings about demonstrable improvements in facial textures in 65% of participants. The best results are achieved some six months following treatment as our cells take that time to renew themselves

Click here to see the study that confirmed the effectiveness of Photobiomodulation Therapy (also known as Low-level laser (light) therapy (LLLT)) in skin to stimulate, heal and restore